Québec needs an English-language newspaper

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Québec doesn’t have an English-language newspaper. Québec doesn’t have an English-language television, radio station or Internet portal.

The Québécois are keeping silent in the lingua franca of the Internet.

In 2008 that means Québec doesn’t exist.

French-speaking North Americans who are celebrating 400 years on the continent have no media of their own to talk to the 400 million English-speakers who surround them.

Is it any wonder the wildest politically-fictional fantasies still circulate about Québec?

An Indian or an Armenian googling some news about Québec has 10 times as many chances to come upon Barbara Kay’s or Mordecai Richeler’s paranoiac diatribes about a fascist ethnic tribe trying to wipe it’s province clear of strangers and “coloreds” than a simple description of the French Language Charter.

What about the Montreal Gazette? The Gazette is not a “Montreal newspaper that happens to be in English” as columnist Henry Aubin once told me. It’s the newspaper of Montreal’s English-speaking minority. Period.

One token separatist columnist is not enough to fairly translate the diversity of thought of a population twice as numerous as Ireland’s. The Gazette deserves credit for giving some space to strong voices, from former RIN leader Pierre Bourgault in the 80’s to the current incumbent Josée Legault, but one person can’t possibly incarnate the diversity of ideas and opinions barely skimmed by 13French -language dailies.

Is it any wonder Canadians confuse the Parti Québécois, small-town nationalists, right-wing conservatives, 19th century ecclesiastic ideologues and violent student radicals of the 1970’s into a single seditious movement of anti-Canadianism that has to be crushed?

Why does Québec need an English-language newspaper? 2 reasons:

1. Because if Québec doesn’t talk directly to the world, it lets Barabara Kay, Jan Wong, Mordecai Richler and the Gazette do it for them. If the curious individuals around the world have access to The Gazette’s, The National Post’s and The Globe and Mail’s perspective on Canadian events, they should have access to Québec’s. Or more accurately to the plural: Québecs’.

2. 48 000 newcomers will come to Québec this year. At least half of the will not speak French when they arrive. Many of them will have some understanding of English, though. These people will learn to know their new country through the biased, truncated and partial coverage of the Anglo minority’s newspaper. With no access to French-language media, they will assimilate and adopt the Anglophone perspective and identity. They are entitled the French majority’s perspective as well.

Written by angryfrenchguy

January 7, 2008 at 9:41 pm

23 Responses

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  1. What I hear you saying is that Quebec needs an English nationalist paper. Which is a bit of an oxymoron.


    January 8, 2008 at 5:26 pm

  2. Nope. I’m saying Québec needs an English-language newspaper where French-speakers would make all editorial decisions in order to properly reflect French-speaking thoughts and ideas.

    Why is that an Oxymoron? Are good ideas in French bad when translated in English?


    January 8, 2008 at 5:44 pm

  3. I thought the whole point of the nationalist movement was not to have French people have to speak English any more and be “masters in one’s own house”.


    January 8, 2008 at 7:10 pm

  4. One of the objectives of the various ‘nationalist’ movements was not having the French-speakers forced to speak English to work and to be treated as equal citizens.

    Most of us are quite happy to ALSO speak English and to have access to English-language books, songs and movies.

    And now we are going to use the language you forced us to learn to tell the world how much of an hypocritical and discriminatory place Canada really is.

    I believe it is called, in English, poetic justice.


    January 8, 2008 at 7:28 pm

  5. I consider myself a strong and long-standing advocate of a Quebec-wide English-language media owned and operated by a committee of citizens reflecting what contemporary Quebec society is, as opposed to what alienated Canadians and alienated Quebecers want it to be. For example, if there were 20 people on the editorial committee, there would be 10 women, 10 men, 16 native French-speakers (including 15 of Quebec origin), 1 native English-speaker and 3 native speakers of other tongues. We should purposely over-represent Aboriginal by making sure that one of the three native speakers of other tongues is an Amerindian or an Inuit. All these people should be fluent in French and English.

    Until the objective of the Charter of the French language, to have French be the uncontested public language in Quebec, becomes a reality, an important percentage of our co-citizens will remain immune to mainstream Quebec culture which goes on in French and instead feed on English language culture which originates mostly from the USA and the ROC.

    But isn’t it a contradiction to use English if we aim to have French be common to all in Quebec? Not really, because it is Quebec’s true self that we will translate and express, as much as possible, in that language. Therefore, it will be Quebecers’ representation of themselves shown to those of us who are poorly acquainted with it. In addition, when people from Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia etc. will care to learn about Quebec, they won’t be exclusively exposed to a uniform anti-Quebec coverage of everything that goes on in our country.

    This will not help the progression of French, but it will help fighting the anti-French and anti-Quebec prejudice. It will help our national unity, while the linguistic divide lasts.

    Since the end, in 1837, of the Montreal Vindicator, a newspaper founded by Daniel Tracey, from Ireland, later edited by Edmund-Bailey O’Callaghan (a good friend of Louis-Joseph Papineau), the patriotic voice of Quebec has expressed itself almost exclusively in French. This was some 170 years ago.

    Sure, a lot of the militant writings of Quebec’s contemporary patriots have been translated to English, but who reads books?

    Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote

    January 11, 2008 at 6:45 pm

  6. Migth be a good idea.

    For example, Cuba has his own (official) journal translated in many languages.

    Some of you may say the comparison is weak when considering the propaganda purpose of that newspaper, but eh, one day Quebec should take care of that too… But let’s call it “sensibilisation”, not propagande, whatever the difference is…


    February 20, 2008 at 1:20 pm

  7. oh yeah,

    an official organ with the truth – like pravda. citizen’s committee and everyone can be comrades.

    how will we be able to afford new ribbons for the typewriters?


    February 23, 2008 at 11:50 pm

  8. Maybe I’m an exception among Anglophones, but if I want information about what’s going on in the five sixths of Québec that is Francophone, I prefer the French language source every time, be it newspapers or any other medium of communication. I think that these sources are generally the best mirror of the society they serve. I use English language sources mainly as supplements.


    April 1, 2008 at 8:59 pm

  9. Planet Mars needs a english language newspaper. Who cares about Québec City anglo newspaper ? You know what Québec City needs ?

    Less incompetent, arrogant and lazy government workers. Less stupid fascist federalist politicians. Less far right racist pro-american colonized morons. Québec city needs a good kick in the ass and I needs tostart behaving as a real “capitale nationale”. Don’t get me wrong. I love Québec City, but they are soo inward looking that they don’t know what is going on in Montréal or the rest of the world.

    Marc Authier

    April 11, 2008 at 7:30 am

  10. “the language you forced us to learn”
    Are we “forcing” you to write in English too? Poor martyr. Oh, the YOU you refer to is a francophone.

    Billy Bob

    May 23, 2008 at 3:36 pm

  11. Boo-hoo-hoo. “Anti-Quebec” this. “Quebec prejudice” that. Plains of Abraham this. Quiet revolution that. Boo-hoo-hoo. Ah, yes. The little 85% majority that could. The Quebec Nation? Whatever!

    “Canada doesn’t care about us anymore”… Maybe we should leave”. “They don’t like us”. “Bien non… we can’t, we do not have any money?!?!” “Mon dieu, what now?!?!” “Let’s just keep using these catchy buzz words like prejudice, and anti-Quebec. Then we’ll just go back to kicking the crap out of the Anglo’s who refused to leave there city that their families have lived in for 200-300 years. Bien oui, c’est ca. Let’s pass a law that they are not allowed to think in English! That English thoughts threaten our “society”.”

    Got news for you my fellow Quebecers (Canadiens)… 9 other provinces have officially “stopped caring”. No. Not because they dislike you. Not because they view French as inferior… but because… wait for it… after awhile… watching babies throw toys out of their strollers… get’s boring!

    Ottawa will keep entertaining you for as long as the current distribution of power exists. Once those seats are no longer such a big deal, you will be treated like every other province. With Ottawa’s complete and utter indifference. Enjoy the spot light while it lasts. It may not happen in our life times, but trust me, it will happen.

    Nobody hates you. Nobody thinks less of you. If they do, that doesn’t make them anti-Quebec. That’s makes them ignorant, and likely… there “others” they don’t like either!! Again, ignorant.

    On another note…. just wanted to give you all a little dose of reality. I was born in Quebec. My siblings were born in Quebec. My parents. Great grand parents. Great-great grandparents. I am a Quebecer, and a Canadian. 200+ years of history my family has in Quebec. Now? As an Anglophone, I don’t recall my family getting a monthly cheque from this great Anglo-elite conspiracy that apparently existed? No one brought us our cheque down to Verdun? Matter of fact my father was a police officer that was never promoted while his Francophone counterparts did. My grandfather, who was a WWII veteran died prematurely because the only job he could find after the war was cleaning chemical train cars. My other grandfather was a printer who Francophone run and operated union went bankrupt from mismanagement… yep, we Anglos sure were “living the high life”! Then, in the 70’s the victimized majority said “salut, bon chance”. Yes indeed. We had it good! Buy the way. I’m not from England, and I could care less what happened because of the redcoats! They were doing that garbage to EVERYONE! They were the most powerful nation on earth for centuries. Get over it! You know who couldn’t get jobs? Do you know who was mistreated… poor people. French speaking, English speaking, Polish, Chinese, etc. etc. that’s who. Learn your history. Stop creating the past! It makes you look dumb! Revisionism is for dictators. Not intelligent people!

    Well guess what? There are about 600,000 people that left, and about 1,000,000 non-French speaking people left behind. Those are some pretty angry folks that are JUST about to start speaking up. So, like the English (People in/from England) eventually had to… you’re going to start hearing it back. As for the rest of Canada that this has never effected, aside from all the tax money they’ve wasted listening to both of us… they likely just keep not giving a rat’s behind. And they shouldn’t.

    You opened Pandora’s box with your “Quiet revolution”….

    Thanks for entertaining a little reality for a moment. Please continue complaining about how the 85% majority is threatened and mistreated.

    Merci et bonjour.

    Proud Angryphone-Proud Canadian

    October 3, 2008 at 12:37 am

  12. mxx65e06u6o8ff1f

    Felecia Pennington

    November 12, 2008 at 6:59 pm

  13. I am amazed that Anglo Canadians have been as patient as they have been on having French forced down their throats for so long. Quebec is a spoiled child with very Adult parents who will listen endlessly to how bad the French in Quebec are indeed treated and then the Anglo parent will kiss the child and tuck them in for the night. You poor poor souls.

    Ken Russell

    November 24, 2008 at 8:32 pm

  14. Ken Russell

    It was a complete mistake for the British and later Canada to garante the rights of the French Canadian to use the French Language in the Constitution Act of 1867. The Constitution Act of 1867 prcolaimed both English and French as Official Languages of the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Quebec.

    Constitution Act of 1867
    Use of English and French Languages
    Section 133

    Either the English or the French Language may be used by any Person in the debates of the Houses of Parliament of Canada and of the Houses of Legislature of Quebec: and both those Languages shall be used in the respective Records and Journels of those Houses: and either of those Languages may be used by any Person in or any Pleading or Process in or issuing form any Court of Canada established under this Act, and in or from all or any of the Courts of Quebec.

    The Acts of the Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of Quebec shall be printed and published in bot those Languages.

    The Quebecois being the ungrateful bastards they are repayaed the tollerance of both the British and Canada by creating such anti-English Language Laws like Bill 22 (Official Language Act of Quebec) and Bill 101 (Charter of the French Language) which illegaly removed English as a rightful Co-Official Language of the Province of Quebec and made French the Sole-Official Language of the Province of Quebec. We must take a stand to defend the English Language and the Anglophone minnority in the Province of Quebec and the best way to ensure the rights of Anglo-Quebecers and the protection of the English Language is for waves of Anglophones to move to the Province of Quebec and either outnumber the Quebecois (Which should have happen centuries ago) or restore the Anglo-Quebec population back to its historical high of 25% of the Province’s population. I am infavour of increasing the Anglophone population of the City of Montreal back to being a majority at 61% of the City’s population and increasing the Anglophone population of the City of Quebec City back to being a large minnority at 43% of the City’s population.

    We must encouage a million or more English speakers to migrate to the Province of Quebec to strenthen the English speaking population there.

    The English Language should be restored as the Co-Official Language of the Province of Quebec and restore the Province of Quebec to being a bilingual province which how it was created in 1867. English should be restored on signs, ect at the same size of that of French. English Culutre and Language should have equal rights in the Province of Quebec as French Culture and Language.

    The Current Demographics of the Province of Quebec
    80% (Francophone)
    10% (Anglophone)

    The Current Demographics of the City of Montreal
    70% (Francophone)
    18% (Anglophone)

    The Current Demographics of the City of Quebec City
    97% (Francophone)
    2% (Anglophone)

    The numbers of Anglophones in the Province of Quebec and in the City of Montreal and particulary in the City of Quebec is far to low to ensure the survival and protection of the English Language and Culture. So the Anglophone Population needs to be increased drasticaly in the Province of Quebec and the City of Montreal and very very drasticaly in the City of Quebec City.

    Proposed Demographics of the Province of Quebec
    75% (Francophone)
    25% (Anglophone)

    Proposed Demographics of the City of Montreal
    61% (Anglophone)
    39% (Francophone)

    Proposed Demographics of the City of Quebec City
    57% (Francophone)
    43% (Anglophone)

    BTW. You can tell when a Language and Culture is on life support when they need draconian laws like Bill 22 and Bill 101 and a Language Police toboot. If French Culture and Language of the Province needs these laws and a language police to survive it does not deserve to survive and should peacefully die out.



    May 11, 2009 at 3:21 pm

  15. Brilliant!!!! I am not a nationalist but I cringe every time I read the Gazeete, The National Post or the G&M on issues dealing with Quebec politics. It is just so biased and does not reflect Quebec reality. And unfortunately it fans the flames of anti-Quebec sentiment by presented biased views. Like littlerob, I read the French press if I want to know what’s up in current events in Quebec

    S. Church

    June 20, 2009 at 3:26 pm

  16. @ UnitedEmpireLoyalist

    Manitoba was created a bilingual province. It no longer is.

    Ontario used to have laws favorable to its French-speaking minority (still not as good as those Anglo-Quebeckers have always had here in Quebec, mind you). And yet, those were abrogated in the 1910’s.

    On what ground should the Quebec English minority gain a status that hasn’t, to this day, been given back to French minorities in other provinces?

    What’s good for the goose is no longer good for the gander?

    Oh, by the way…

    One of your point was that French should die out if it is to survive by man-made laws only. Yet English should be enforced in Quebec… by law?? Are you serious? As you put it yourself, if English can’t survive in Quebec without state legislation, well that’s just too bad. Just shut up and assimilate. How can I say, hum, ah oui : PARLE BLANC.


    August 11, 2011 at 9:52 am

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  18. Ken Russell: I’m an anglophone Canadian, but I believe that once Queen Elizabeth II passes on, then Canada should peacefully abolish the monarchy and transition to a parliamentary republic, much like Ireland. We’re not a British or French colony anymore, and the British monarchy is discriminatory against non-Anglicans and non-British people.


    August 30, 2015 at 9:08 pm

  19. Anyone that think it was a “mistake” from the English to allow French and catholicism doesn’t understand anything about history. Until 1851, the French-speaking Quebecers were the majority in all British North America. In fact, until then, British North America was actually French-speaking on the ground and Anglos were forced by the situation to use French daily, which wasn’t an issue because then it was still a prestigious international language AND the official language of the English monarchy (remember, Dieu et mon droit are in French). We had the upper hand then and we were too foolish to use that profitable situation.


    February 29, 2016 at 9:29 pm

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  21. Moved to Montreal in 77, two years before the PQ took control in 1979, Immigration Quebec immediately ordered my deportation, calling me an enemy of the government of Quebec. Being apolitical, an engineering scientist, I was deeply involved in setting up manufacturing companies around Montreal to supply the engineering design, manufacturing company that catered to; architects, engineers, designers, artists, and sold direct to public ” Brass Beds ” and virtually any structure a person wanted, door pulls, kick plates, railings, lamps, bar fitting and fixtures, etc etc. over the next 15 years my life became a never ending court experience where charges were dropped with professional legal help from ” pepper and associates “. The few times where the phony charges were so rediculous I thought charges would be tossed out of court, I found myself in Bordeaux or Parthenais. I never stayed more than the few weeks it took to spring me, except for twice, My innocence was real, In those times Anglos were under constant assault from all government agencies the PQ Controlled. It did not make sense then and still does not lake sense now. In 1994 I was arrested without charges put in a basement cell in PQ center for a couple weeks without phone except for one call which I made to Hurleys Bar on Lower Crescent St. The owner took $ 400 an immigration lawyer demanded to represent me. He never showed up at hearing where a couple a women; prosecutors/abjudicators ordered my prearranged deportation to a remote town in Wisconsin where I never lived, but supposedly had abandoned a woman pregnant with my child in 1974, when I was found guilty in absentia, and rightfully so <<>> to work at Microsystems International and Bell Labs, the world’s first productive Silicon Foundry making Parts for Northern Electric which became Northern Telecom, then Nortel. Ended in 2009, when Free Trade ended 3/4 of north Americas manufacturing infrastructure. I did not realize it then but a texas bankster schemed to terminate my company in 1974 when he saw it was worth a lot of money. In 1994 he got a; judicial dynasty in Sheboygan, paternity fraud artist in Sheboygan to charge me with desertation when he supported the gypsy woman’s claims, then in 77 arranged to get me arrested and extorted for 10,000 to close the case, which I paid off and Sheboygan authority closed the case. Then near 1990 he contacted Montreal Authority and got them yo call Sheboygan authority to reopen the case. The judicial dynasty agreed to hear the case, which I thought would be an easy exoneration when I asked for blood tests to prove my innocence, his LordShip refused to honor my request, then suppressed other empirical evidence that would have also exonerated me, the so-called lawyer/public pretender suggested I would certainly win on appeal. The entire gang of criminal justices, international bank fraud artist, and gypsy paternity fraud artist brought more phony evidence (Words) to the jury who thought people are guilty, otherwise they would not have been charged. This pretty much ended my life as a businessman, the judicial dynasty judge also refuses to permit my use of a passport, and as a convicted felon I live life below the wire of Justice. Put there by self serving gang of lawyers, judges, banksters, who are no longer fit to serve in ant position of authority. Now I am 72 years old, the subject of a search and destroy by the gang of texas bankster repossession artists who do not lend people money who need it. In texas a bank officer need not go before the court to repossess assets where the bank hold liens. It’s parallel to standard operating systems of the PQ during the fluffy ethnic cleansing period from 1979 to sometime after 1994, the year when the illegally deported me from Quebec and creatively felonized me. To steal a measly 100,000 in a land investment deal too good to be true. I speak pretty good French, can get along in Spanish, and understand Italian, Latin Languages. I am thinking there are some serious things gathering in our north anmerican nation’s that need to be dealt with. If we are to retain any semblance of freedom.

    Time chenges all things, Only absolute truths pass time <<>> while more likely than not few if any among us would be little different from each other if we had lived each other’s lives, making it very difficult to actually judge anyone, however we should not tolerate wrongful judgement in positions of authority, currently removing our assets, rights, freedoms, while sorting us out like a herd a cattle dividing us into classes under the pretense of authority.

    Good luck up there, I have valuable assets but cannot go there, although I am 72, I have the heart of a young man and my spirit is timeless, I developed brass working skills and a workshop full of original tools the PQ probably sold at auction to people without an idea of how to use them.

    When Trudeau lived I was safe, making things In Ornamental and functional metals, awaiting the Internet which the math platform of world’s first motherboard to replace hard wired telephone switching stations provided the emperical path to the modern telephones we call smart phones, laptops, computers that are just modern telephones with LED’s LCD’s semiconductors and integrated circuits, that operate from a Broadband telephone number. It’s been an exciting time to have lived, even if I did make a mistake by moving my shops to Montreal.

    Jack Cox

    May 8, 2016 at 1:53 am

  22. Unlikely anyone reads about quebecs ethnic cleansing or other academic incited social injustice, like what happens the world over, playing our youth into THEIR problematic ideas

    Jack Cox

    April 25, 2017 at 1:42 pm

  23. […] French Guy has mused that he wanted an English-language medium for Quebec to propound its story to the world, because English is what you propound in to the world […]

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