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One of the Sun newspapers recently published an editorial suggesting that one of the french lyric’s to Canada’s national anthem be removed. The phrase in question: “Il sait porté la croix..” would be to Christian and not respectful of Canada’s religious diversity.

O Canada, a composition of Calixa Lavallé, was performed for the first time publicly in Québec City at an international convention of French-Canadians from the US and Canada in 1880. This was to be the anthem of French-Canadians, not of those blokes who still fancied themselves British citizens and sang God save the king with a tear in their eye. The english words are a version, not a a translation of the original song.

I agree with the Sun. If Canadians are not comfortable with O Canada anymore they should change the National anthem. They should get their own.

Written by angryfrenchguy

October 1, 2007 at 2:23 am

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  1. You’re ommitting the fact that at this time les canadiens francais were the only ones who truely thought of themselves as “Canadian” in any sense of the word. If the anthem had been composed by a Québécois fellow in modern-day Ville du Québec, than maybe this arguement would hold some water. Also the fact that the English lyrics are different should be enough to remove your preconceived notion that absolutely everything decent in Canada came from and belongs to Québec.

    A lot has changed since 1880. Mainly,those “primarily British colonists” (Wrong – Ukranian, Hungarian, German, Polish, American, and others settled the West and have a good showing in Ontario and also Nova Scotia, I believe.)have changed. All of these various groups came here and gradually became something different – they became the (Anglo) Canadian nation. Likewise, les canadiens also changed; transformed into the modern Québécois nation. All that remains of the French-Canadian nation is a few isolated fracophone communities scattered across the country, as their original homeland of Québec has become something different entirely. Nations are not static entities, they change and evolve with time.

    The English Canadian version of O Canada is our anthem. Because we use use it; if you guys want to remove the only two times Canada is mentioned in the French version amd replace it with “belle Québec”, well go ahead. No one, aside from some idiotically insecure Canadians, will really care


    March 7, 2010 at 2:39 pm

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