All Québécois are racist

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Kristian Gravenor wrote one of his always clever columns in witch he tells about the citizenship test his wife had to take to become a Canadian. The questions were hard, he said, and even he couldn’t answer many of them.

“If Quebec separates”, he wrote, “the questions could worsen. For example: “Who was the first mayor of Drummondville and how much beaver could he bag per day?” “What brand of shoe polish did Camille Laurin rub into his hair?” “What’s Celine Dion’s dog’s name?””

I am sick and tired of English Montreal and Canada’s media license to make unsubstantiated allusions to the alleged intolerance of the Québécois in general and of Québec’s sovereignists in particular. Saying ‘black people are dumb’, ‘Jews are cheap’ or ‘Quebecers are racist’ is the exact same thing. It is making a blanket generalization about a group of people. It’s prejudice. And prejudice lives across the street from real racism.

Go ahead, bring out Parizeau’s ‘money and ethic votes’ remark and Lucien Bouchard’s white babies. I raise you (former liberal minister) John Crosbie telling Bloc MP Osvaldo Nunez to ‘go back to his country’ in the House of Commons and Mel Lastman’s comment about sitting in a boiling pot of water surrounded by cannibals in Africa. Should I understand from that comment that all English-canadians are prejudiced against Africans? Or is it Ontarians? Torontonians? 905ers? Or maybe it’s just MEL LASTMAN?

How about we ignore the politicians and take a look at our city, ok, Kris? Let’s talk bout the wonderful ethnic and social diversity of Westmount, and Beaconsfield, and Hampstead, and Pointe-Claire. Oh no! That’s right! They ‘separated’ from Montréal. That must mean that the white English-Speaking people of Westmount and Beaconsfield hate Asians and French people, right?

But no, how about we do talk about Westmount and Beaconsfield and the Philipina ‘nannies’ employed in these neighborhoods in conditions that human rights groups have described as slavery. Let’s talk about the Bloc Québécois being the only party that came to these women’s defense. Do you think they’ll ask your wife if she knows that on her Canadian citizenship test?

Or do you think they’ll ask her if she knows that it’s under the rule of the Patriotes and Papineau that Québec became the first jurisdiction in the British Empire to give full rights of citizenship to jewish people? Or that the first black man elected to the National Assembly in 1976 was a member of the PQ while the liberals fielded their first black candidate—candidate!—in 2000!?!

Get it, Kris. Nationalists don’t want to keep immigrants OUT of Québec, they want to bring them IN! They want more immigrants. They want immigrants who will stay and not leave after three years because there are no Mounties and they can’t send their kids to English schools. They want immigrant kids in their schools. They want them in their neighborhoods and not only to cut the grass and take care of the baby. They want them to be part of our community, to be part of our family to the point where when one of them is named Governor-General of Canada we protest not because she is black or because of the monarchist institution, but because they claim she is one of theirs!

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  1. Just found you and surfing your blog. I have a tendency to always check out someone’s first post. I’m a French Montrealer who isn’t an indépendantiste, and I have to say, Bravo… Brilliant post, great blog. I’ll be back.


    September 11, 2008 at 8:22 am

  2. I m a Québecois, not firs and formost because I am a Canadian, as are all québecois let me say that first. but this makes sense, but I honestly believe that implacing new bill instead of 101 (language law as the english call it) to have bilingualism, and aswell if PQ ended up leaving I’d look forward to seeing helicopters and chars of the army comming in


    July 21, 2011 at 9:57 am

  3. Yes Quebec is definitely more racist than other provinces. Why don’t you ask minorities who have spent time in 2 different provinces what the deal is.

    Quebecoise socially exclude anyone who is not Quebecoise and you’re even more excluded if you aren’t white.

    It’s harder to make friends, date women and be accepted into social circles in Quebec and then there’s the language police.

    If you’re such a bilingual province, then why is it that there is prejudice against English Speakers who don’t speak French. Why do most jobs require French ? Aren’t you supposed to be bilingual.

    The reason immigrants leave Quebec is that they don’t care about paying extra taxes so Quebec can preserve its culture while actively excluding racial minorities from all social,economic or political circles. They would rather live in Ontario or BC where you don’t need to learn a new language and you have more job opportunities, where people will socially accept you instead of reject you for you race. I mean I’d rather make twice the money elsewhere

    There seems to be a lack of ethics among people in Quebec especially in dealing with Non-white people. They don’t seem to understand that non white people are to be treated the same as others.


    May 8, 2016 at 12:15 pm

  4. I admit they are racist and against the whole immigrants, even against europeans or worst against europeen french. They don’t recognize europeen studies , for the best jobs you have to be canadian citizen.
    I m an europeen and I m not feeling good to Quebec. I don’t want to think how the other nations are felling in Quebec, arabs, asians , latino etc …..


    February 21, 2017 at 4:20 pm

  5. Nobody said “all Quebec are racist” just a large majority of them are assholes.


    February 27, 2019 at 9:49 pm

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